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Account Suspensions

If you tried to log in to Connect but got an Account Suspended message, it means we noticed something about your account activity that raised a red flag.

Red flags

Our team works hard to ensure the Connect platform remains healthy and free from misuse. Below are some activities that could be flagged:

Recent activity that violates our Terms of Use

Please read our End User License Agreement (EULA) and make sure you’re in compliance at all times. The sorts of behaviours that most commonly lead to suspensions are covered in the Rules of Use clause:

  1. You must be at least 16 years of age.
  2. You must not send to any other users of the App any messages that are unwanted, automated or bulk, promotional, threatening, intimidating, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, impersonating, or illegal.
  3. You must not harvest personal information of other users in a manner consistent with data scraping.
  4. You must not upload copyrighted material to the App.

Your account information looks anonymous or fake

Don’t conceal your identity when you create an account, because that’s typically associated with spammer behaviour. When a user creates an account under a name like John Doe, from Anywhere, USA, the system assumes you have something to hide. Impersonating someone else is also not allowed. That’s not only dishonest and misleading, but also devalues the app for everyone – a directory is not useful if it contains a bunch of fake player data.

You were reported by another user (or several!)

Users can manually report bad behaviour. An admin reviews the report, and manually checks into the validity of the claims. If your behaviour is found to be in breach of our terms, we’ll suspend your account.

Getting un-suspended

If you feel your account has been suspended in error you can contact us here. Accounts can be un-suspended at the discretion of our admin team. If there’s been a misunderstanding, or it’s a one-off bit of of bad behaviour, and you promise to pull your horns in, we’ll give you a chance. Repeat offenders will not be tolerated.